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There is hope for Sacroiliac (SI) Instability and its associated pathology.

My Primary diagnosis code: 724.6-Disorders of the Sacrum Let me introduce the surgical procedure code 27216-50(bilateral) which states: Percutaneous skeletal fixation of posterior pelvic bone fracture and/or dislocation, for fracture patterns that disrupt the pelvic ring, unilateral (includes ipsilateral ilium, sacroiliac joint and/or sacrum). IT WAS A MIRACLE on January

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Idaho State Gymnastics Competition

Mal-Alignment Syndrome

Along with my malalignment story, I would like to share some details pertaining to my daughter, Ally, at age 18 regarding her SI dysfunction and its related malalignment syndrome  . Click on X-rays to enlarge. Here are the diagnostic findings on her full spine x-rays provided by Dwyer Chiropractic Center:

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Peripheral Nerve Surgery

The background to my Peripheral Nerve Surgery story is also indirectly connected with my Malalignment Story  and my SI-Instability/Surgery Story starting over 10 years ago.  All the motor function of my nerves returned in my lower left leg after the micro-discectomy surgery in April 2002. However, during the last 10

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Rehabilitation At The Andrews Institute While Staying With My Niece

Gulf Breeze, Florida 3-week Rehabilitation after SI Fixation Surgery The Fixation means: To stabilize the sacroiliac joint, cannulated screws will be placed through the ilium and sacrum through small puncture wounds. After my surgery on 1-17-13 in Gainesville, GA with Dr. Weiss and Vicki Sims, PT, I traveled to Gulf

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My Mal-alignment Syndrome Update

I am happy at my progress in dealing with Malalignment Syndrome.  I still struggle with Malalignment in my thoracic and cervical portions of my spine. But my struggle is less severe than before the SI Fixation surgery. When I go to the chiropractor now it is for the area between

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Midwest Bone & Joint Center, Macon, MO

Diagnosing Lateral Knee Pain – Proximal / Superior Tibiofibular Joint

Now set free from my chronic condition with Proximal (Superior) Tibiofibular Posterior/Inferior Subluxation that had become a Chronic  Recurrent Proximal Tib-Fib Syndesmosis Dislocation.   HOW?  The Arthrex TightRope Dynamic Stabilization Surgery with Dr. D. Christopher Main, D.O. Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon at Midwest Bone & Joint Center, P.C. I want to

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Piriformis Syndrome Update- A Season of Relief

As I write here on July 21st, 2013, I am just 6 months since my SI Fixation Surgery and I want to continue updating the subject of my diagnosis with Piriformis Syndrome. From my last blog posted 4/9/13 on Piriformis Syndrome, I am singing a different tune, “Oh what a

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