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2-28-16 Post Op Left Elbow Ligament Surgery
2-28-16 Post Op Left Elbow Ligament Surgery

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Many people thru out my journey have said to me I should be a patient advocate “you’re good at this medical stuff”. They have recognized my ability to not only give spiritual encouragement but to physically help people on their path of sorting thru diagnostic algorithms. If I have learned anything thru out my years on earth, communication truly is an art. It does take an extraordinary amount of this skill to interface with the medical community and the whole world of insurance issues whether it would be for preauthorization of services, claims processing, negotiations of patient financial responsibilities, writing appeal letters, mail pharmacy and etc.

Well here I am. I’m available as a patient advocate with special interests in Orthopedics and Spine issues. This is a ministry for me. I want to help people in any way I can that God puts into my life!

Update: 3-23-14 – Almost a year has gone by since starting this website. A special  thanks to all the patients that contacted me this last year through this website and/or commented on my videos.  It was my pleasure to help you all in any way possible. Sincerely, Kim

Update: 12-25-14 – I have completed all the surgeries to bring stability to my joints of my lower extremities. One more surgery to go for Gastroc Leg Muscle.  I have enjoyed these last months of now connecting on  my Facebook page and sharing insight on my Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Facebook Groups and my HyProCure (Sinus Tarsi) Facebook Group.

Update: 4-26-15 – 4 months since last surgery and I’m now walking better than ever in 13 years of my life

Update: 2-28-16 – Finished my original journey of eliminating pain from head to toes with final foot/ankle surgery in Dec. 2015.  As of this date, I am already in the post op recovery stage of left elbow ligament surgery, a new journey  to be blogged about.