Category: Subtalar Joint Instability

My Subtalar Joint Instability-Talus Impingement-Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

This blog is my chronological diagnostic process of my ankle/foot pain for Sinus Tarsi Syndrome and Talus Impingement and/or Subtalar Joint Instability/pathology and in the end seeking an answer with the minimally invasive surgery. This blog picks up from my prior blog once I had become weight-bearing again on

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My Non-Weight Bearing Life In A Short-Leg Cast

My life in a short-leg fiberglass cast for my left ankle non-displaced Talus fracture continues on from my prior blog here on Sept. 14th, 2013 with  a rare visit of my niece and her husband from Florida. It was such a beautiful weekend and I could not enjoy my outdoor

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