Back in the Saddle, Post SI Surgery & Pre Proximal Tibiofibular Tightrope Fixation Surgery

Here is a video presentation on 5/5/13 discussing how well I was doing in my sacrum and/or low back after my Sacroiliac Joint Fixation Surgery

In this video I am just at 4 months since the SI surgery. My recovery or should I say progression in rehabilitation basically stopped at the 3 month point (see  my blog Great to be exercising. )  I had to put aside phase II of the SI rehabilitation due to the fact that it hurt my lower left leg to walk anymore than I had too; and therefore, I could not do a walking program which was part of the rehabilitation protocol to start at 8 weeks since SI surgery. Instead, I had spent this last month working hard traveling to doctor’s appointments for finishing the diagnosis on my left leg and preparing for another out of state medical journey.

I am shown here sitting on “Jewels” my beloved  Reg. 3/4 Lusitano mare that I have raised since birth. I was enjoying a beautiful weekend riding  before I was to become non-weight bearing on the next medical journey. I had absolutely no pain in my sacrum and/or low back.  Even my upper back felt much better too. Regarding my entire spine please see My Malalignment Blog update. I did have a slight increase/tension in the bi-lateral piriformis muscles and some burning nerve pain. Upon coming in the house, I put my infrared heat on the piriformis to prevent further spasm and I was able to ride again the next day comfortably. However, the pain in my lower left leg had kept me up during night. So there was a price to pay for enjoying time in the saddle. So please see my for the full story on the Proximal Tibiofibular Joint Instability/Chronic Posterior Subluxation/Dislocation that I talk about in the above video.

After the initial recovery from the leg surgery, I am looking forward to picking up where I left off in my SI rehabilitation protocol and being back in the saddle again. As I progress, I will update this blog accordingly. In the meantime, my writing will shift to the Proximal Tibiofibular Story.




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