Zyga SImmetry® – True SI Joint Arthrodesis A Choice for SI Joint Fusion Surgery

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ZYGA logoFor all my website subscribers and readers, I offer you my new page on the Zyga SImmetry® – True SI Joint Arthrodesis (fusion) surgical option for Sacroiliac Joint Instability/Dysfunction (SIJD) and Pathology. I cannot not personally recommend this procedure as I do not have direct experience with it; however, as a fusion alternative to my Stryker Cannulated Screw Fixation without fusion procedure done for my diagnosis code: 724.6-Disorders of the Sacrum , I do recommend this product for those that need a fusion over screw fixation only. I do have the permission of my Northwest Zyga Representative to use their content here on my website and I feel honored to do so. (Click on images to enlarge)
I have reviewed other fusion products on the market and I have chosen to give my free will support without any compensation in return from this company in endorsing their product. I put my time, energy and effort in creating this website page for the sake of patients throughout the whole country.  Just as I researched in my time of need, I want my website: to be a valuable resource to patients searching for answers to their pain and suffering. I hear their pain and suffering stories as they respond and contact me through this website.
There may be many reasons why a patient would need a fusion vs screw fixation only. One reason for sure would be the amount of actual SI joint damage there is from wear and tear and degenerative changes a/o inflammation within the joint itself. I had mild Degenerative Joint Disease of my SI Joint. My problem was really all the secondary issues of Malalignment Syndrome as discussed in this PDF document Medical-Malalignment affecting me literally from head to toe. The Zyga SImmetry procedure is the closest one I could find that would mimic or come close to what I had done with my screw fixation only but with the added component of a True Arthrodesis (Fusion: The Need to Bleed – Without bleeding bone there is no true arthrodesis). Not everyone can or desires to get to my medical professionals in Gainesville, Georgia that did my SI Fixation Surgery.  Therefore, here is a video explaining why to choose Zyga for an SI Fusion procedure:
Why SImmetry Is More Effective Than Other SI Joint Fusions by Orthopedic Surgeon-Dr. Donald Hales and Zyga Technology YouTube Channel

For more in depth information on this surgical procedure, here is a Dove Press Journal on Medical Devices: Evidence and Research published article  authored by Larry E. Miller and Jon E. Block entitled:
Minimally invasive arthrodesis for chronic sacroiliac joint dysfunction using the SImmetry SI Joint Fusion system

Here is a surgeon’s opinion on radiofrequency ablation(RFA) which is a pre-surgical option for many patients but in many cases not a long-term option or solution.

For me, I did not ever consider RFA for the nerves with my SI joint.  I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my problem was extra-articular ligament laxity not responding to every conservative measure of stabilization for 11 years. Why would I want to do a procedure for my nerves when I wanted my SI joints to stay stable. When they were in neutral after every Chiropractic adjustment, euphoria would start to come over my body. Life was good but as the next 24 hours progressed so did the rotation of my iliums and the rest of the spinal segment compensatons and associated muscle tensions. Don’t forget about the associated  Piriformis Syndrome muscle spasm too causing Sciatica nerve pain in the buttocks, thighs and when really severe down the entire leg. Also Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction/Instability and its associated myofascial burning nerve pain down the medial legs too. I’m sure many SI joint pain sufferers can and do relate to the associated symptoms as many of you have told me so.

Here is a short Diagnosing Sacroiliac Joint Disease video:

Here is a printable PDF file on Zyga’s Diagnostic Algorithm(workup) for SI Dysfunction.  Here is their excellent and comprehensive page on symptoms, history, workup, photos of provocative testing for the SI Dysfunction no matter what surgical route you choose as this workup was the same for me:

Here is a Zyga YouTube video demonstrating SI joint provocative testing:

After hearing many stories of ongoing pain in patients with successful (for that level of the spine and its associated nerve interference) lumbar discectomies (myself included), I ask this question: “Is not the torsion that leads to bulges, fissures and sequestered disc material on the lumbar spine (L4-L5 and L5-S1) via the connection of the iliolumbar ligaments  caused from the possible excessive anterior/posterior rotations of the iliums on the sacrum?” My own personal history proved this point to me and I certainly find it with others. I had the very successful L5-S1 micro-discectomy but never was right till my SI surgery 11 years later. I now know my SI Dysfunction caused my lumbar torsion and massive herniation as seen on in my MRI on my History Page. And for lumbar fusion patients that may not have had SI Dysfunction as their root cause, inevitably many patients later end up with SI Joint Problems too.  Here is a Zyga video:

A prior lumbar fusion patient now had a successful Zyga SImmetry surgery and is pain free as discussed by surgeon in this video:

I highly encourage readers to look at the complete Zyga Technology YouTube Channel for all their wonderful and informative published videos.

 I am very happy to feature a Zyga Patient-Barbara’s Post Surgery Testimony here:

As I receive more Zyga Patient Testimonies, I will definitely feature them on my website. The most important thing is that people such as Barbara and myself now have quality of life that was not possible before our different surgeries. There comes a point when conservative care is not working and its time for surgery. Everyone has that breaking point. I highly encourage patients to consider surgery before they suffer too much secondary damage due to malalignment of the SI Joints. SI dysfunction can and will take over your entire body.  I hear this all the time on the phone as patients discuss their symptoms with me. It would be hard for anyone to understand Medical-Malalignment due to SI Dysfunction unless you have lived it. Even I for years didn’t make the connections of why I had tension or hurt between my shoulders and had neck issues when I looked great on diagnostic scans.

Hyper-Pronation affects pelvis with anterior tilt
Hyper-Pronation affects pelvis with anterior tilt

Hindsight looking back on my journey, I can now encourage patients to address the excessive pronation issue of the feet first before considering SI Surgery. The photo to the left shows what can happen as a result of this excessive pronation affecting the pelvis, the SI joints and the entire spine. (click on photo to enlarge). In my case after my SI Surgery with a wonderful stable pelvis and the sharp lumbar pain gone, I ended up having to deal with both of my lower extremities as discussed in my Subtalar Joint , HyProCure Surgery Categories of this website to fix my feet, and my lateral knee/ankle pain in my category of blogs.

The final diagnostic scan, worth its weight in gold that I insisted upon almost 2 yrs after my SI surgery, was a simple, inexpensive Limb Length Discrepancy X-ray Study that finally measured the lengths of the bones of both legs. And behold, I was longer in my right leg by 4mm which is a small amount, but nevertheless very significant bio-mechanically. Now I wear an entire 4mm foot lift in my left shoe. Many patients that I have talked with regarding their SI joint problems took my encouragement to ask their providers to get this test done. Many found out that they too also had a true difference in the length of their legs. Even though my surgery was successful in screwing my pelvis in the best alignment that my surgeon/physical therapist could give me, I still did not walk correctly and I would continually twist in the rest of my spine to compensate for the shorter left leg. Food for thought and awareness for patients and their medical providers. Please see my Short Leg Syndrome Category for my full story this subject.

For new readers to my website, my life is now above and beyond great!  Here is a link to my most recent blog pertaining to myself in where I am at in my own medical journey.  You can see me now walking (something I did not enjoy over past prior 13 years of dysfunction) or doing squatting exercise within my YouTube videos.  My Sacroiliac Joint Surgery with my subsequent lower extremity surgeries all have given me the foundation of getting my life back. After 25 years of riding, I now have a better body position and functional awareness in my saddle on my horse.  I now have better body posture in standing, and sitting along with strength going into my golden years of life.

I will be featuring a separate blog post on Zyga Trained Orthopedic and Neurosurgeons through out this country coming soon. In the meantime, please contact me on my Contact Page and I can get a doctor reference for anywhere in this country through my Zyga representative connection.

I close with saying that I desire to inspire hope, help and quality of life for any patient suffering with Sacroiliac Joint Instability/Dysfunction! Consider the surgical solution offered by ZYGA logo

Sept. 2015 –  Update: I am now a co-administrator of a Facebook Group entitled “Zyga SImmetry (Sacroiliac Surgery) Support Group” Please come join us!

Feb. 2017: Here is a link to another Zyga Support/Resource Blog:  

Low Back Pain — Is It The Sacroiliac Joint?



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