My Journey of What Christmas 2013 Really Means

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Since my last spiritual journey blog “I Surrender All”,   I could now rejoice in standing on both feet once again even if it meant pain.  Below is a video by our singing ensemble during  the Valley Singers annual Christmas Contada and I am on the right side of the group sharing the solo part with another lady soprano. We are all believers and share the true meaning of Christmas in our hearts, and with only a very few group practices, we did our best for God.  This performance was on 12-8-13 which was only 3 weeks past my foot HyProCure surgery along with all the previous 9 weeks of a non-weight bearing life in a short-leg cast on my foot to heal a Talus Fracture.

Lyrics to “What Christmas Really Means”
We’re invited to the sacred manger
Where Glory sleeps upon the hay,
To bow in wonder at the myst’ry
Of all that is fulfilled this day.

Oh, hallelujah! Where there was darkness,
Now heaven’s light has intervened
A Child is born and we watch breathless
To see what Christmas really means.

We’re invited to relive the journey
From Bethlehem to Calvary.
The Lamb will lead us to the hillside
Where ev’ry willing soul is freed.

Oh, hallelujah! He dies to save us
And we fall silent at the scene.
Oh, pierce our hearts to feel the sorrow.
This is what Christmas really means.

We’re invited to the tomb, now empty
For dawn has come and hope is here.
The curse is swallowed up in vict’ry,
And there is nothing left to fear.

Oh, hallelujah! Jesus has risen.
Come sing the song of the redeemed
As we proclaim to men and angels,
Behold what Christmas really means.

Oh, hallelujah! We’ll shout forever.
Love’s final chapter is complete.
And He will reign and we will worship.
Oh, hallelujah to the King.
Oh, hallelujah to our King.
Oh, hallelujah to the King.

I say, “What does Christmas really mean?” For me, it is the relationship that I have with Jesus who is in my heart every day of the year even though the month of December does have some extra benefit in enjoying the special music of the Christmas season. It brings me exceeding joy to sing about the birth and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. The above song shares about the journey from Bethlehem to Calvary, from such wonder and awe of the baby Jesus to His Sacrifice for the redemption of the entire world. “Oh, pierce our hearts to feel the sorrow.” I’ve had my share of much sorrow and afflictions along my medical journey as shared through out my prior spiritual blogs, but the good news is this: I am filled with more compassion for others that may be suffering physical ailments. I want to live a life of thankfulness for the sacrifice Jesus did for us, and the medical trials have increased my perseverance to fight the good fight of faith. I write blogs to be an encouragement to others in this life on earth. I want to show that with Christ Jesus at the helm of the ship, we can sail through the rough seas -whatever the turbulence of life may be – and come out to the still waters with peace, joy, and hope.

When I was standing there singing, I didn’t care about how much pain was still in my foot. I had sincere gratitude that my Lord had seen me through the prior months of anguish in not being able to walk and live a normal life along with the anguish and grief of losing my close lady friend right after my foot surgery in a traumatic death. For me, singing is an emotional stress reliever.  It brings me great joy. Losing a loved one reminds us to never take life for granted. The song says, “The curse is swallowed up in vict’ry, And there is nothing left to fear.” We certainly do not know our tomorrows but we can live a victorious and fearless life when we are completely surrendered to God.

His Grace was sufficient for me to accomplish all I needed to do from the date of this performance till now when I write this blog in the new year 2014.  After all the stress of trying to finish my thank you gifts for our business along with traveling, preparing for our family’s Christmas guests, and physical therapy to help heal my foot, I was emotionally and physically exhausted by Christmas Day. Yet it was such a wonderful, peaceful and joyous day!

I close this blog with renewed hope for the year 2014. I also pray for all those who have contacted me on my website that they too will experience a new hope and continued healing both physically and emotionally  this new year. My current updates on the successful foot healing progress can be seen in my ongoing medical journey blog category:  Subtalar Joint Instability .

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