My HyProCured Feet – Talotarsal Stability – A Solid Rock To Stand Upon – Update 7-10-14

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Silverdale Beach, WAI dedicate this blog to Dr. Gent of Kitsap Foot and Ankle Clinic of Bremerton, WA, my  Master Surgeon for the HyProCure Surgical Intervention and to the inventor Dr. Michael  E. Graham-founder of GraMedica the company who produces the surgical implant/stent and trains doctors around the world to perform this surgery. I also dedicate this blog to any reader that has now gone on and had the HyProCure Surgery done on their feet to help set a correct rearfoot foundation. We all want to begin the process of eliminating the nightmare of so much secondary pain symptoms such as PTTD(Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction), Plantar Fasciitis, forefoot metatarsal overload, bunions and Adult Acquired Flatfoot Syndrome.  In my case, this surgery on my left foot specifically eliminated the anterior and lateral shifting of my Talus Bone. On my right foot, the surgery eliminated the dropping of my Navicular Bone which gave me burning pain under my arch and foot.

For the new readers to my website,, I have a subcategory for all my blogs pertaining to the HyProCure Surgery and my recovery updates (see this link).

7-10-14  I am pictured here sitting on a rock in Silverdale Beach, WA on the Olympic Peninsula across from Seattle. This was the night before I was to face my next and final surgery to stabilize my left ankle. Click my last blog which is in my category of blogs which gives the recent journey leading up to this moment to understand why I am braced in the photo on my left ankle.  Stay tuned to the category for my continuing blogs regarding my left ankle distal-tib-fib joint surgery and recovery.

The purpose of this blog is to specifically update my recovery status on my left talotarsal stabilization surgery  done 8 months ago and on my right talotarsal stabilization surgery done 5 months ago.  I can speak from experience, this HyProCure Surgery (aka Extra-Osseous Talotarsal Stabilization) is truly minimally invasive and it has such far reaching implications for the better in setting the stage of correct alignment of the Talus over Calcaneous bones of the rearfoot that will affect a person all the way up their body.  In the photo, I am sitting on a rock and now I can say I’m standing on a rock and not sinking sand. I would describe excessive or hyper-pronation as sinking sand.  Refresher- Go back to my surgical blog and there is an animated video from GraMedica to review regarding what I am sharing regarding our feet being the foundation to what happens to our knees, hips, and back.   Choose the solid rock of HyProCure and see what amazing life changing results you can achieve!

Dr. Gent is so pleased with the alignment of my feet now and here are my life changing results:
1.  I love the chiropractic profession as several chiropractors diagnosed and confirmed time and time again that my Talus Bone was not in neutral. Now because of Dr. Gent and his HyProCure Surgery Intervention, I do not need to see a chiropractor to adjust or realign the bones of my feet anymore. With the results of my feet, my local chiropractor, Dr. Sheldon, now has a surgical resource to offer his other patients hope and help for their excessive pronation when they have failed his conservative care and/or the use of custom orthotics.
2.  After witnessing my excellent results by Dr. Gent, my local foot doctor, Dr. Alm, decided to get the training for himself and he is now a participating HyProCure Surgeon in the quad cities of Pullman, WA, Clarkston, WA, Moscow, ID and Lewiston, ID. This means more patients can now be helped that would not be able to travel to the Seattle Vicinity like I did to get my help.
3.  My regular medical massage therapy that I’ve had done for years is now finally paying off. My feet can be massaged without cramps and muscles spasms. My left foot lived in a spasm for years and it is now flexible and pliable. My massages use to be for pain control and now they are effective in truly changing the quality of the soft tissue connected to my aligned bones.
4.   I had a level 10 burning pain under my right foot arch Sept 2013. This is gone.  Both of my arches can now be touched without sending me through the roof.
5.   I can push off at the base of my big toes with both feet as should be done in a normal gait pattern.
6.  I am now able to strengthen for the first time my Posterior Tibialis Muscle and other muscles of my right leg which had been extremely affected by my dropping arch and malalignment up my entire leg.
7.  I have no conscious awareness that I ever had the HyProCure Surgeries done to my subtalar joints of my feet.  There is no weird feeling in my feet with a Titanium Stent between my Talus and Calcaneous Bones. Just a great joy that my feet are now happy.
8.  I have less pressure in both of my forefeet and my plantar-flexed 1st ray of my left foot is resolved. There is less pressure around the big toe of my right foot that had the beginning stage of a bunion formation.
9.  I am able to walk barefoot with much more ease on my hardwood floors.
10.  I experienced a direct correlation to my anterior pelvis and in my pubic symphysis region. Please see this blog in my Sacroiliac Category for a picture and a linked article for further information and explanation on how the pelvis is affected by excessive pronation.  I AM NOT AFFECTED ANYMORE!
11.  The HyProCure Surgeries played a significant role in eliminating horrific medial burning pain that went from my pubic symphysis region down to my ankles that I had since April 2012 . When bones are unstable, then muscles will spasm to protect the joints. Muscles spasms will create sensory nerve symptoms. Don’t be fooled into believing that just because you have positive findings on a lumbar MRI, that your back is the only cause of your leg nerve symptoms. I believed this for years and I had no hope. I  am sharing my blogs freely with the internet world as a thank you for all the research I was able to find to help myself in my darkest hours of pain and frustration.  My answers: Extra-Articular Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction and Excessive Pronation aka partial talotarsal dislocation were my root culprits from which I have suffered  symptoms up my back, neck, and shoulders and down to my lower extremities having idiopathic peripheral neuropathy with destabilized tibiofibular joints both proximal at lateral knee and distal at the ankle joint. When I sit in certain positions for a long time, I then may have some mild intermittent Piriformis Syndrome Symptoms which are associated with my prior SI Dysfuntion.  And this too is so much better than 2 years ago.

My patient to patient caution:  Be aware that with the profound changes that HyProCure does for the feet, there will be a time of adjustment in your entire body to these changes. Be patient in recovery.  This surgery will for sure give you a good place to start in sorting out your structural issues but your foot and ankle specialist may have to perform additional surgery depending upon the extent of secondary damage from chronic excessive pronation.  In my case I needed to stabilize both of my distal tib-fib joints of the ankles along with my proximal tib-fib joints.  As I stated in a previous blog, chronic excessive pronation contributes to posterior subluxation of the proximal tibiofibular joint. If you are prone to excessive flexibility, then be aware of what your feet could be doing to your lateral knee tib-fib joint ligaments with posterior subluxations happening. My best advice is have your chiropractic keep an eye on your extremity joints and not just your back.

I hope these  HyProCure blogs have been helpful and I will be happy to feature other patient’s HyProCure Surgery experiences and recovery on my website in order to reach and help as many patients as possible. I love to receive feedback so contact me through my contact page of this website and I’d be glad to answer any further questions and/or be a support while you choose to go through the HyProCure Surgical Process. Currently, I’ve been enjoying sharing time with a HyProCure Patient in California. Patients helping patients is a wonderful thing!

For now I am done updating my HyProCure experience and my next blog will be for my current and last surgical adventure with my left ankle. Please stay tuned or subscribe to my upcoming blogs in the form below this blog or right sidebar.

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