My HyProCure Surgery – Dr. Gent, DPM-Master Surgeon 12 week Recovery Update

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Goodbye to the last 12 years of dysfunction for my entire left leg. This HyProCure Surgery was the icing on my cake! The pieces of my medical journey puzzle for my left leg are all now in place. I just need a little more glue(physical therapy to strengthen calf muscles and ankle tendons/ligaments) to hold the pieces. Bones are all now in alignment from my prior subtalar joint instability of my left foot, through my lateral knee (Proximal Tibiofibular Joint) and up through my Sacroiliac Joints (SI). Words cannot describe the underlying feeling of my new found wholeness and well-being. From my last blog, I am continuing on with my story as it has unfolded.

February 4th, 2014 – In preparation for leaving to see Dr. Gent for my 12 week followup appointment on my left foot and a simultaneous pre-surgical appointment for my right foot, I needed to see Dr. Sheldon, DC to adjust and align my Talus/Navicular/Calcaneus bones of my right foot. Additionally, Dr. Sheldon had to adjust/reduce my right proximal fibular bone that has concurrently been in a posterior/inferior subluxed position. I left my chiropractor’s office now non-weight bearing again. I’m not joking when I say my DonJoy Rebound Crutches have sure been my traveling companions this past year. I hobbled over to Dr. Ronald Alm, DPM my local Lewiston, ID foot doctor’s office.
Here is a video of Dr. Alm discussing my excellent results on my left foot-HyProCure Surgery and then he put a short leg fiberglass cast on my right foot to hold the alignment of my bones for Dr. Gent’s surgical intervention to take place on 2/7/14.

Dr. Alm promised me that he still would look into the training for doing the HyProCure Surgery.  Dr. Alm himself wears orthotics in his shoes for 25 years. He has very flexible feet and cannot do without them; however, I said that I am now delivered from needing orthotics and I can wear all kinds of shoes without that burden any longer of needing orthotics. In fact I had custom orthotics for several years and my problems were still getting worse.  For me they were just a bandaid and a poor one at that. My lifestyle was never conducive to regular use of orthotics (they would not fit in my horse riding boots) and wearing tennis shoes all the time on my feet was simply not my style. The HyProCure Surgery in my opinion and in the opinion of the inventor( see is a real solution to a real problem of excessive pronation or partial dislocation of the Talus/Navicular/Calcaneus bones of the foot.
February 5th, 2014 – A beautiful, sunny, yet crisp and cold winter day of travel to Seattle. Thanking God for each mile of clean dry roads for traveling.
February 6th, 2014 – A great day to be back in the care of Dr. Gent. As I gave him a big hug with tears of joy for his surgical intervention that has now brought to me the fulfillment of my desire to have a normal functioning left leg from foot to pelvis/SI  joints. Here is a video of my HyProCure Master Surgeon, Dr. Gent, DPM at Kitsap Foot and Ankle Clinic, Bremerton, WA discussing his findings in examining my left foot/subtalar joint after 12 weeks of healing from his prior surgical intervention which took place on 11-15-13.   There has been more healing every week since Dr. Gent last saw me on 12/17/13 when I had previously returned to him for a followup as discussed in this prior blog.

I close this blog with tremendous relief, excitement to be more normal, and exceeding joy that my prior chronic weak and dysfunctional left leg can now take full/total weight bearing while I proceed to be non-weight bearing now off of my right foot. I am now starting the journey for my right foot to correct the excessive pronation/partial dislocation of my Talus/Navicular/Calcaneus bones  and its associated pathology of Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (see this blog)/ Plantar Fasciitis and its negative bio-mechanical effect on my right Proximal Tibiofibular Joint.

My Patient to Patient Advice/opinion: Never stop searching for an answer to your pain. It is my belief that the body produces pain as a signal to get your attention. Stop, listen, and work diligently to find the source of the pain generator.  My experience has taught me that bones that are not or do not stay in alignment create pain in all the tendons/muscles that connect to the mal-aligned bones. Correct the boney alignments and the muscles will stop being in spasms and pain goes away.  Get compressions off of nerves and they too will be relieved. Tune into any adjustments that a chiropractor makes to your body. Find out what joints are constantly out of alignment and pursue all conservative measures to correct the problem. When those measures fail, consider all the surgical interventions that I have discussed here on my website. Don’t wait till your joints are so damaged with arthritis. Joint replacement surgery is not what I would call a good day. All of my surgeries have been minimally invasive in comparison to any back surgery or joint replacements. Other than direct trauma or disease, normal wear and tear of a joint leading to arthritis is most likely do to chronic mal-alignment of the joint. Seek to get and keep alignment which has been my journey. Because of what I have accomplished, I have written this website to help anyone seeking the information that is contained herein! Feel free to contact me.

I thank my God, the Great Physician, and His wisdom bestowed upon my heart to research and find the help I needed to eliminate 12 years of chronic pain manifesting in some form or another down my entire left leg. I say a prayer of thanks on behalf of my surgical team of doctors that have served me well from the year 2011 till now: Dr. Gent-DPM (Subtalar joint) in Bremerton, Washington; Dr. Main, DO (Proximal Tib-Fib Joint) in Macon, Missouri; Dr. Weiss, MD (SI Joints) in Gainesville, Georgia; Dr. Shirzad, MD(Ankle Arthroscopy) in Spokane, Washington; and Dr. Tollestrup, MD (Peripheral Nerve Surgeries) in Henderson, NV. Go to my homepage to see my entire medical journey blogs.

My next blog will begin the journey of my 2nd HyProCure Surgery as it unfolds.  Stay tuned! To avoid wondering when I post again, please just subscribe to this blog (right sidebar) to receive automatic updates whenever I post a blog story about my medical and spiritual journey.


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