Final Recovery Update-Left High Ankle Surgery-Arthrex TightRope Fixation

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Nov. 7th, 2014 – I am now 17 weeks since the surgery that fixed my prior chronic high ankle sprain/syndesmosis instability.   Please see my last blog to follow the story till now.  Over the past 7 weeks I saw a tremendous improvement in increased strength to my lateral ankle.  No more falling out feeling when pushing off of my foot; and the ability to stand on my toes aka the heel raise exercise has returned. I really don’t have much more to say on the subject of Arthrex TightRope Dynamic Stabilization Surgery and the recovery process except that I didn’t know how good this chronic left ankle could finally feel. I haven’t known what normal was for at least 4 years since my ankle sprain. I don’t have the pain any longer at the distal tib-fib joint nor below the fibula bone of lateral ankle.  The surgery along with the prior PRP injections into my ankle ligaments has made a world of difference. (See this prior blog for the detail on the PRP injections).

I will pursue more PRP injections into my right ankle ligaments also as they have not been addressed thus far. Only the Arthrex fixation was done earlier this year.  I feel like I’m doing well with the right ankle and right lateral knee, but I do have some flare ups of intermittent soft tissue pain surrounding the right high ankle.  I’m still in the process of establishing a better walking gait.

However ,while healing from this last Arthrex Surgery on left ankle, I have been on a path of new discovery regarding the issues of the Gastroc/Soleus Equinus and Achilles Tendinitis remaining in my left lower leg and any further bio-mechanical deficits that I’m dealing with. My next blog now posted will address these issues along with recently acquired structural limb length x-rays.

To summarize, these surgeries have given me stability of the joints without any compromise whatsoever in bio-mechanics. I hope other patients can benefit from these blogs.  As I’m writing, I’ve just had the privilege this past week of conversing with another patient that did find my blogs pertaining to the recovery from Arthrex Surgery.  She was so pleased to talk to me and I likewise with her while she is going through her own post surgical healing.  I know that what I’ve gone through is not just for myself. At the end of the day, helping other patients to find hope, compassion and understanding is what I am here to do! See my contact page to reach me.

I ask my faithful readers and new readers to my website to stay tuned for the next journey that I have been working on concurrently while closing this chapter on the Arthrex Distal(high ankle) and Proximal (fibula head/lateral knee) Tibiofibular Dynamic Stabilization Surgeries and recovery.

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