My Benefits of SI Joint Fixation Surgery-Malalignment Syndrome Diminishing

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My Mal-alignment Syndrome is diminishing after my Sacroiliac Joint Fixation Surgery and my HyProCure Surgeries for my Subtalar Joints of my feet.  I now have stability in both these locations and my spine is finally starting to unwind as I would say in my non-professional vernacular. Please see my first Malalignment blog for a linked in article explaining Malalignment Syndrome. My head is on straighter than it has ever been, my pelvis is stable, and my weight-bearing joints of my feet are stable.  The purpose of this blog is to show the below video comparison of last year’s full spine x-rays taken a few months after my SI surgery and full spine x-rays taken again on 7-9-14 right before my last ankle surgery. Thanks to Dr. Scott Seldon, DC of Dwyer Chiropractic Clinic, Clarkston, WA for his x-rays and consultation on the comparison findings. Click on photos to enlarge

I am quoting here are Dr. Sheldon’s findings regarding the above x-ray’s:  “Kim has no measure leg length discrepancy. There is 6 mm of external rotation of her right SI. Her sacrum has no rotation of clinical significance. There is a decreased disc space at L5-S1, with no noticeable change from previous x-ray. There is a mild list to the right beginning at L3. There is a mild list to the left beginning at T11. There is a mild list to the right beginning at T4. Previously, on the AP view, the odontoid sat 17 mm to the right of the S2 tubercle. Currently, the odontoid sits 10 mm to the right of the S2 tubercle. Previously, on the lateral view, the odontoid sat 19 mm posterior in relation to the anterior portion of the sacral base. Currently, the odontoid is 2 mm anterior to the sacral base. Bilateral SI fixation is noted.
1. Degenerative Disc Disease at L5,   2. Decreased cervical curve”

Dr. Sheldon will discuss in the video how my bony alignment has improved without me even doing major upper body rehabilitation till now after the x-rays were taken in July. I simply could not follow through after my SI Surgery on 1-17-13 because of my Bi-lateral Proximal/Distal Tibiofibular Joint Instabilities and my Bi-lateral Subtalar Joint Instability.  The minor curves remaining in spine reflect muscle imbalance.

Now that I’ve finished my last surgery  13 weeks ago for stabilizing my prior high ankle sprain, I am enjoying the benefits of finally beginning to enjoy the fruit of all the stabilization surgery I’ve had done these past 3 years. In the last few weeks I’ve started rehabilitation for my entire body not just post operative localized rehab.  Now that weight-bearing joints (SI Joints and Subtalar Joints) are secure, I no longer have a foundation of sinking sand. I feel like I’m standing on a rock-a firm foundation. Now all my muscles can be stretched or strengthened as needed to readjust my posture whether it be proximal (above) or distal (below) my Sacroiliac Joints.

My current benefits:
1.  After years of chronic neck pain and stiffness,  now no more neck and shoulder pain and I’m holding a chiropractic adjustment. My atlas is stable. I see a second chiropractor, Dr. Steven Glass, DC specificially regarding my atlas C1-C2. He is a specialized chiropractor that works with my dental/orthodontic team for TMJ Pain of Jaw.  Dr. Glass jointly concurs that I am headed in the right direction and he is pleased to see the objective good results of the x-rays. Dr. Sheldon says its hard to find patients that show improvement in their spinal curves like I have at my age.
2. More stability at my pubic symphysis no more horrific medial (inner thigh) burning nerve pain going down to my ankles.
3. Even though hours of non-stop sitting will cause a flare up, I now generally have calmer piriformis muscles of my pelvis with less occurrence/ less severe piriformis sciatica.
4. Still maintaining no back pain despite compromised L4-L5 and severely compromised L5-S1 spinal segments
5. No Subluxations-I only have minor fixations of some of my lumbar and thoracic segments easily maintained by my chiropractor and the frequency of visits is much farther apart than in the days before SI Surgery. I go now just for maintenance and not for stiff back pain.
6.  Muscle spasms throughout my back are calmer as now I can relate a spasm to a specific spinal segment when there is a shift.
7. I have discovered that by taking the tension out of my back from mal-alignment I really am more flexible now than I was for years prior to my SI Surgery. I deal with ligament laxity since the muscle tension/stress has been taken off of my joints.  I can do core stabilization exercises now and be comfortable; however, that was not the case before SI Surgery.  I hated putting my lower back down on a firm surface. I’d rather sit and sleep on firmer surfaces now compared to soft surfaces before.
8. My chiropractor has told me that my SI Surgery has given me more stability for my entire spine per his continued care.
9. Per my Massage therapist and Physical therapists, massage and exercise are now more effective than before the SI Surgery and the lower extremity surgeries.

I’m no longer on a road of despair; whereas, now I travel a road of hope and appreciation for the human body. Thanks to the Great Physician for His Guidance in this journey!

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