Injured Worker — Worker’s Compensation Nightmare

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This is a blog to raise awareness for another sojourner that has found my website and contacted me personally.  This injured worker said to me regarding my website: “I was very excited to find your site! Finally, I found someone who suffered from the same conditions as I did. Even though how we came upon these conditions is totally different; we both struggle with additional types of injuries/conditions. “

I support this injured worker in trying to raise awareness about the Worker’s Compensation issues that delay the help a patient needs to get in order to prevent the further downhill fall into secondary conditions that are happening as a result of an initial work related injury.  I quote from the injured worker’s story: “I was injured, on the job, during a well witnessed event. The incident was not disputed, but my injuries and the treatments have been. I made the mistake of choosing a Physician of Record (POR)  from within the system I worked for. Never do this. I was not diagnosed correctly nor was I given the appropriate diagnostics or referrals.” 

Here is a link to a law office specializing in Worker’s Compensation Issues and they have a detailed website at this link:

Time and time again as I continually talk to acute or chronically injured patients regarding the material presented here on my website, there is one theme that is so common among fellow patients; that is, delays and under diagnosing and/or misdiagnosed for their conditions. Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction/Instability leads to Malalignment Syndrome creating pain from head to toe. Please see my contact page to reach me for patient to patient support. I am hear to listen and help in anyway I can.


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