From: Tamara in Michigan–Fibular Pain Blogs Bring Hope

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Here is a wonderful comment I just received from Tamara in regards to helping her teenage daughter recover from a Proximal and secondary Distal Tibiofibular Injury. They were able to use my blogs to share with their Orthopedic Specialist in Cleveland, OH on the success of the Arthrex Tightrope Dynamic Stabilization done by my doctor in Missouri and then receive the same procedure by their doctor. I’m so happy to pay forward the information on this wonderful minimally invasive stabilizing surgery. I have many patients that contact my website that have not had their Proximal/Distal Tibiofibular joint instabilities diagnosed. These patients feel that their symptoms resonate with my blogs on the section of my website; and subsequently, they then seek help with going to my doctor or finding another doctor like Tamara did for her daughter. The proximal tib-fib joint instability is a source of lateral knee pain and radiating pain down the entire lower leg. I speak from my own first hand experience. I love my Arthrex fixations. No bio-mechanical deficits whatsoever;  just wonderful pain free stability!!!

“Kim has been an incredible source of information for me as I pursued a resolution to my daughter’s constant proximal tib/fib joint instability (and now distal tib/fib joint instability as well). We went through years of different doctors and no real diagnosis. It has been an incredibly frustrating experience. It was comforting to read about Kim’s journey and to know there are others out there going through similar experiences. Kim’s knowledge and shared experiences kept me going and pushed me to find a doctor who would help my daughter and not just dismiss her. I appreciate the support Kim provides and the wealth of knowledge she has shared.

Tamara–Rockford, MI

Thank you Tamara and blessings on your daughter’s full recovery!!!

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