From: Lori B. – Texas – 02/01/15 – Post HyProCure Surgery-Patient Endorsement

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From: Lori B. – Texas –  February 1, 2015 –  Post HyProCure Surgery-Patient Endorsement

“Where do I start… I had my first HyProCure and Tarsal Tunnel Release foot surgery August 13,2015.  As we all know, there isn’t really anything on the HyProCure Surgeries that is standard.  Some of our doctors tell us that we will be walking by the fourth day (this is my doctor) and with other doctors you don’t move for weeks because you have walking boots, casts or this and that. I found Kim on the HyProCure (Sinus Tarsi Stent) Facebook Group page after I cried about how frustrated I was post surgery. We messaged back and forth through the whole process.  She sent me the links to her blogs and she gave me tons of advice and help! If I wouldn’t have found a friend in Kim, I don’t know if I would have ever gotten out of my frustration of not being able to walk right off the bat. I felt just like a prisoner on my couch!!

Her spiritual blogs said everything I needed to hear! But what she did the most was listen. It is hard to get through something without somebody knowing how you feel with all the frustrations after a surgery. It was a God send to have a person like Kim that went through all of it too!!

Now I am 2 months since having the HyProCure Surgery done on my second foot and I still get messages on Facebook checking on me. She asks how I am feeling and how I am walking.  I smile because she cares enough to just ask me how I am. Anybody needing advice or kind words, please read the blogs and talk to Kim as she knows her stuff!!! God bless you Kim!! Your friend for life.”–Lori B.

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