From: Crystal–Arkansas–High Ankle Sprain Healed with Great Support From Kim

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A dear patient, Crystal, has victory over her High Ankle Sprain that created Proximal and Distal Tibiofibular Syndesmosis Disruption. She had a Proximal Tib/Fib Arthrex Fixation surgery and then a Distal Tib/Fib Arthrex fixation in conjunction with a Brostrom Ankle Ligament Reconstruction.  A year ago, we both were chatting a lot while being laid up with our respective surgeries. As much as I desired to help Crystal, in return she was such a blessing to me in her friendship and support.  Now 2 surgeries and a year later, she shared with me the following update and endorsement:

“So, last week I celebrated my first Thanksgiving truly thankful for two Arthrex tightropes and a couple of anchors holding my ankle ligaments in place. I can’t express how thankful I am for my awesome “Doc”, PT and Chiropractor!! It was a long road to recovery from my initial diagnosis of “high ankle sprain” to a year later learning my fibula  wasn’t attached to my tibia and that’s why I was in constant pain and not healing. Two and a half years later I still consider it a blessing to have found you in my journey, as you and my PT helped to keep me sane in the moments before a doctor visit or two when I began to think I was completely loosing it!!

For anyone with a similar issue, you are on the right track by finding a great help in Kim. So what’s my advice? Make sure you have a doctor who listens to you and doesn’t diagnose you without really hearing your symptoms, a PT who is not only good at what he/she does but is as determined as you are to get you better, and a chiropractor who uses muscle kinesiology to help get bones lined up and all your muscles activated. I couldn’t have found or dreamed up a better team here in NE Arkansas than Samuel Moore, Justin Hoskinds, and Morgan Sensabaugh.

Life is back to normal for me, except I’m still a little protective of my right leg….although I can dance a little when I feel like it, I’ve yet to try an unassisted toe stand, but I’m only just giving my leg a little extra time to get ready for it!!

Never give up on something you don’t go a day without thinking about!”

Thank you Crystal and a Happy New Year with more dancing in your life. Trust the Arthrex Tightropes, I have and they have served me well on the dance floor too. Instability issues are gone!

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