From: Carla in TX Relates to My Endoscopic Gastrocnemius Surgery

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From: Carla-TX
Re: Endoscopic Gastrocnemius Surgery
As always I so enjoy getting feedback from fellow patients regarding my blog stories. Carla is also a fellow blogger specializing on the Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)Topics and Orthopedic joint replacement surgical subjects and here is a link: Carla’s Corner homepage

Carla has also started a blog regarding our mutual shared subject of Gastrocnemius Contracture affecting the walking gait at this direct link:

She gave me permission to share her following comment:
“I had my appointment with my surgeon earlier this week and I have scheduled the surgery in late June. I am so glad I found your blog prior to that appointment. He will be doing the PRP injection as well as the actual surgery and without your blog I would be completely in the dark as to what it was and the advantages it can have.
Gotta say that I’m not looking forward to the surgery, but your blog has given me a lot of information and therefore confidence.
Thanks again for sharing your story. If you ever wonder if this effort has made a difference, I am here to tell you it has.”—Carla

Thank you so much Carla and any fellow patients needing discussion on RA, I’ll be sending your way. Thanks for your blog. Blessings on your upcoming surgery and successful rehabilitation!

PS: Here is link to my blog on the Endoscopic Gastroc/Soleus Recession Surgery

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