From: Barb–New Brunswick, Canada–03/05/15 — Post HyProCure Surgery – Finding a Friend

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From: Barb-New Brunswick, Canada 03/05/15  The Post HyProCure Surgery Experience – Finding a Friend

“When you’re going through any kind of journey, it’s always nice to find someone that has been there or is along with you on your journey. That someone has been Kim for me. When I stumbled upon her blog, I contacted her & we have been in contact ever since. I had the HyProCure Stent surgery done on my first foot in August, 2014 & the second one in December, 2014. I wish I could report that this has worked out well for me but it looks like they will have to be removed from both feet. Kim has been there for me throughout my whole journey encouraging me & most importantly, praying for me.

I encourage everyone who happens upon her blogs to read them & reach out to her. She is super friendly & very  knowledgeable. If you’re needing encouragement from someone who has been there & back, Kim is the person to call. I’m thankful God brought her into my life.

God bless you Kim & thank you for being a friend.”


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