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Dear Kim,

I am forwarding this to my friend in MO. She is having some knee and back issues too. I feel with all of your information and your knowledge on SI and malalignment along with the Tib Fib issues she can benefit with your web site(s). I know that you like to share this wonderful information with all that can benefit from it. I feel that God puts people in our paths for reasons only he knows why, but this is one of those times I feel for my friend. Thank you so much for all of your info too and please keep me informed.

As a CMA-in the ortho field, I know that you can take this information to the orthopedic surgeons and really enlighten them to other avenues of practice. We need more people like yourself to get us out of our comfort zones and seek new unexplored ways or means of treatments both diagnostically and medically. Thank you once again for spending time with me and explaining your medical issues.

Deb, CMA-Ortho


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