California Chiropractor Endorses SI Fixation w/o Fusion Surgery

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Dr. John Conca, DC
Dr. John Conca, DC

I compliment Kim’s attitude on being pro-active in her personal medical challenges. It seems that your success was due to your self-education in your medical issues and your ability to educate and convince health care practitioners that your condition really existed. Additionally, you continue to seek out doctors who would help you resolve your medical problems. I also want to compliment you for putting together this website on a minimally invasive treatment that is relatively unknown to the medical community and the public at large.  This website has already been very helpful to others with SI Instability. By creating this website, Kim is able to present specific symptoms of this condition that often elude the differential diagnosis of other similar conditions. Differential Diagnosis seems to be a lost art in the medical profession. This website allows doctors and patients to study the specific symptoms of the extra-articular sacroiliac dysfunction and sequelae.–Dr. John Conca, DC

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